In memory of Mark Harris.

Mark Harris, beloved father and husband passed away on October 23 following a medical emergency two nights prior. He was hospitalized, but did not recover. Mark loved his family and friends. He and his wife Erin raised three beautiful children: Cooper, Lucia and Cecilia. He will also be missed by his mother Barbara, brothers Steve, Paul, and Keith, sister Penny, other siblings, and many many dear friends. The students and faculty of the various schools in which he served will greatly miss his inspiration. Mark was an experienced educator, most recently serving Shorewood Intermediate Middle School as principal. He was an influential educator who impacted hundreds of children and families. In addition, Mr. Harris is a proud member of the Marquette Men’s Basketball community, having been a walk-on basketball player at Marquette University (1993-1996). Please share thoughts and stories about Mark here. We have deactivated the CaringBridge website and are transferring all stories here. Donations for the children will be accepted by the "Mark Harris Family Fund." Checks or funds should be mailed or delivered to Chase Bank, 111 E. Wisconsin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 You may also donate through Paypal with a credit card and/or Paypal account here: Mark's family is happy to announce that he has given the gift of life to several others through the donation of many of his vital organs. For more information on organ donation or to register to be a donor visit ------------------------------------- A visitation to celebrate Mark’s life will be held on Friday, October 31 from 4-8 pm at Feerick Funeral Home, 2025 E Capitol Dr. A mass will be held at 10 am on Saturday, November 1 at Church of Gesu, 1145 W. Wisconsin Ave., with a private burial to follow.


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Mr. Harris was an inspirational principal and guide. As I suffered through depression, family issues and many problems in middle school, he always made time to talk to me in his office and told me stories of his struggles throughout life. We always laughed and shared a passion for music, discussing concerts that we had attended or instruments that he wanted to play. I will always remember Mr. Harris as he made a huge impact on my life.
Sent on 11/29/2014
The twinkle in his eyes. That’s what I’ll remember. The expression that enveloped his face just as he was about to tell me something funny or interesting or gossipy. Mark and Pablo, sitting on the porch steps, beers in hand, like a couple of mischievous schoolboys plotting the next adventure or recounting, with pride, the last one. His ponderings about the fate of the Tighty Whitey Man. His enduring admiration of my septuagenarian mom’s snow shoveling ability. And I just loved, loved, loved when he would address my mom as “dude”. Yeah, it’s the twinkle in his eyes....
November 4th, 2014
Mark was a friend of my friends who then became my friend also. Mark was a super guy in all respects. My sympathies go out to Mark's lovely family and especially my close friends in his Milwaukee circle (all of you). This is a tough loss, and thoughts of him run through my mind constantly since he passed. In the past, Halloween parties were an especially fun part of the year when Jake Pickel and I would go up to Milwaukee to DJ the parties. Mark and Erin were among the great costumes. I miss Mark.
November 1st, 2014
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