hayleyleair October 28th, 2014

Dearest Erin, I can't imagine the shock, pain and heartache that you are going through right now. I wish I could take that from you and help ease your pain. I know you adore your three beautiful children that you now have because you and Mark loved each other so. Aside from the casual "hello" or smile when I entered the office at the Intermediate School to drop something off for my son, I never had an opportunity to really talk to Mark. It was however evident that you didn't need to get to know him in order to see he was a delightful man. I remember the weekly e-mails to parents in which he would always mention you and your children. I remember seeing him standing in the cafeteria after lunch, shaking his head as a disaster of milk cartons, wrappers and half eaten food were piled underneath the tables. He bent over and started cleaning up. Something I am sure he did not have to do. The last time I saw Mark was at Abby Goldberg's remembrance ceremony. Kids in tow, he was trying to keep them involved in the ceremony, but they were enamored with the crashing waves. His multitasking was amazing as he was listening to the service and watching the kids. All examples of his dedication to so many. He lives on in you and your children and also those you received the gift of organ donation. We will be praying for healing of you and your family. As many said, we also grieve with you. Remember that in those moments you may feel alone.