bethgiacobassi November 1st, 2014

Our entire family is trying to come to grips with this incredible loss. Mark took our daughter, with special needs, under his wing, when she entered SHS. She was having some problems with bullying and he became her(and our)"go to" person to help her through this. He moved her locker outside of his office and even gave us all his cell number. Out of this stressful situation came a really nice friendship. After things had calmed down, Mark was someone my daughter continued to check in with and my husband and I was well. I had a lot of nice chats with Mark on the sidelines of various outdoors sports events and I always enjoyed watching his kids having a great time and seeing the love between them and their Dad. Mark knew my daughter loves hockey and one day she was paged to the office. With great delight he told us how she sat down very solemnly and asked, "Am I in trouble?" He produced a Goodwill bag with a hockey jersey just her size and said he thought she'd like this. That jersey has gotten a lot of wear this past week as my daughter struggles to come to terms with this loss. Mark was also one of the first to say yes to getting "arrested" for the Best Buddies Hawaii trip fundraiser last year. He played up the part beautifully and raised a lot of money for the kids. He has such a special place in our family's hearts and I see from reading so many tributes that there's a whole lot of families just like us! What an amazing impact he has had on so many people. May we all try to follow his lead and continue his legacy. Our hearts and prayers go out to his beautiful family as they work through these difficult times. With love, The Giacobassi Family