Shared Passion for Music Makes Me Late for Class

Created by epacsenur414 6 years ago
I remember walking down the halls of Shorewood High School on my way to class, when Mr. Harris waved me into his office. I thought I had done something wrong, but he just wanted to see what was going on with me lately. I sat in his office chatting with him for a few moments when I heard the bell ring. HWe talked about anything and everything, but most of all; music. A 2-minute chat turned into an hour-long conversation about the progression and hierarchy of music, and the appreciation of all types of music and the joy it brought to us. We opened each other up to music we had never heard before or forgotten about. He pushed me to open my ears back up to 3 Doors Down and U2 as I lead him to bands such as Three Days Grace. Everything from Boston, to The Black Eyed Peas, to 311 and everything in between was involved with the conversation, and I left his office refreshed with a pass to class. From that point on, I knew that it didn't matter what we talked about, good or bad, I had a friend in him. He was one of the best men I've ever met, and I'll always hold him dear to my heart. My friend, My brother in musical soul, may we see each other again someday and continue that conversation we had years ago.