Tickled Pink

Created by Minmak 6 years ago
Mark was a dad I saw in our school...Stormonth , bringing dinner to his lovely wife, walking through the halls after parent teacher conferences and attending the programs of his sweet children . One day on particular I saw Mark wearing all PINK, holding the Book PINKALICIOUS sporting a beautiful pink "princess" crown and a magic wand. I told him I loved his attire and if you don't know me...I am a bit obsessed with pink, so I was actually seroious! His day was spent being Lucia's guest reader. Well, PINKALICIOUS is Lucia's favorite book...and mine too. The sight of Mark so proudly sporting an outfit like this, brought a warm feeling to my heart. As he left the building...I yelled, "thanks for wearing pink today" He laughed and kept walking, but I wanted to say was..." Everyone deserves to experience a dad like you!" You have touched so many lives, but non are as profound as the three little Harris children you have raised to be such darling children. I feel so lucky to have my "little PINKALICIOUS" at Stormonth. And cooper...an amazing clone of his father. Some day I will greet CeCe with hugs and smiles. But know that my friendship with Erin will be each day. A family I love and care to help. May rest in peace knowing our family is loved by the Stormonth Family. Xxoo Mindy Makinster...otherwise known as the Pink Teacher