Created by FREEDOM 6 years ago
Yesterday, I woke up with the intention to do better. Today, I woke with the intention to feel better. Tomorrow, if it comes, I will give thanks... for every moment, for every hand, for every heart, for every laugh, and for every jewel. Thank you so much... I will give thanks for you in the morning, my dearest friend. This story is bigger than a degree, larger than a call, and wider than my dream's reach. This story is about an infinite bond that ties us LIVING creatures together. YOU ARE LIVING. YOU ARE ALIVE. YOU ARE FREE. YOU ARE SMILING a grand smile... So why am I crying? Well, everyone can't see you... They can't touch you, they can't smell you... We can hear you though. We feel you though... Mark, I am done crying. God, I wish I was done crying... God thank you for sharing such a LIVING LIGHT. Thank you for sending the world an Angel, specifically designed for us! I love you Mark. No goodbyes, just goodnight, Warrior. I will see you in the Morning... PEACE and FREEDOM! "That's why darling its incredible, that someone so unforgettable, thinks that I am unforgettable too...": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLofmo8OGD4&list=RDZLofmo8OGD4#t=0