A Lifelong Friend...

Created by benjaminjoel2000 6 years ago
What an honor to call Mark Harris my friend for 35 years. I never would have imagined that a short kid with coke bottle glasses from the city and a goofy looking redhead from the burbs would hook up and share countless memories through four decades. If we weren’t rolling down Hwy 100 cranking ‘I’m Bad’, we could be caught debating philosophy, faith, politics, or the best Bucks and Brewers of the 80s and 90s. His will and wit were somehow stronger than his physical person, an impressive feat. His intelligence was only matched by his ability to communicate his position to the masses. Sure he could sometimes be overly-critical and stubborn, but he used those traits to drive his competitiveness and defend his friends and family. He was truly a great man, husband, father, brother, professional, and friend. I regret using distance and obligation as excuses from seeing more of him and his family over the years, but we made the most of grabbing a beer from time to time to crosscheck our progress on answering life’s questions. My son said he didn’t get to know Mr. Harris very well, but I assured him that Mark was a big part of who I am, and I would do my best to pass those traits down to him. Mark touched us all, and we are all better for it! I am equally grateful that Mark found Erin. Their love is obvious, and he never was shy in telling everyone how “hot” she is, though I knew he truly admired her trust and friendship more than anything. She has unbelievable strength, and their family will thrive with her at the helm. My condolences go out to all the family and friends that will miss him dearly. Mark’s memory will live with me forever, and there were so many good ones that I thought I’d list a few that could hopefully bring a smile to those involved or heard Mark tell his version over the years… FourSquare – No Bobbles The Curb – Run Mr. Pronto Run Danelle’s Frisbee Gift – A romantic from day 1 Doug Johansen’s Basement Running Man Home Game on the Spree Short hoops at HC and Bastian’s Mr. K - Fat Dog! Truffles Garbage Day with the Stanza The Paul Shane Haircut Hallway before games…"Gonna bust that…” “You ready to go home?” Spring-Broke Pool in Pond’s Basement 21 Mr. and Mrs. Burill Going to Cali with Barb and Steve. Iesha!! Jeopardy TBS / Chicken Soft Taco Craps at the State Baseball Tourney Bottle Rocket fun at the Houle’s Checkers with Willie Wolski’s neighbor Around the World 18 at LakePark The Shaboo Defense Gorilla Tactics Seattle and Vancouver – Rick’s B&B The Knee Reenactment Strande’s Basement the night before the wedding…Play it Stu!! THE KRAFT TAB 31 – Pig Pen The Packer Games Until the next chapter...Love and Prayers, Dover