My mentor

Created by Carlaramos0323 6 years ago
My name is Carla Ramos. I was a student of Mr.Harris at Bruce Guadalupe. I must say, that he really did a lot for me. I was a pretty lost teenager, Mr.Harris use to tell me.. "You are not lost! You know where you are Going but you have to follow the path first." I remember the long talks he would have with me after school. From being bullied to my home life to surfing the web about what I wanted to be when the time came. I am heart-broken that I never told him what a huge difference he made in my life. He touched my heart in such a special way that I can still hear his voice telling me " I won't kick you out of my class because that's what you want & I won't give up on you but instead you can come write everything I'm saying on this white board." He never held anything back! He was so blunt but it was only because he cared! Only in 6th and 7th grade & I had someone who I looked up to, I wanted to make Mr.Harris proud! I hope I did.