First day of 7th grade speech

Created by Paige 5 years ago
I'm an 8th grader at SIS right now and I remember on the first day of 7th grade we were all scared to be meeting our new principle. He had a talk with us in the commons and instantly we all loved him. It was said and heard countless times throughout the day "Did you see Mr. Harris' outfit? Yellow pants and a pink bow tie, he's so cool! Nobody else could pull that off!" Mr. Harris became known for his bow ties, but also for the love of his kids. He explained to us that he grew up without a father and he wanted nothing more than to be the best possible father and he was so excited to be a dad to his kids. He constantly told us stories of his kids in person and in the weekly email newsletter. If there were 2 things that everybody knew about Mr. Harris from the very first day of school: it was that he loved bow ties, and he loved his family.