Parent Activity Night at SIS

Created by cmassiec 6 years ago
Mark pushed PTO to come up with ways to get parents into the building. We talked much about a "MomProm" but couldn't get that off the ground. It was important to him in his mission to PTO leaders that we reach the community---and he stressed heartily not just "shorewood residential" community but "SIS Community" and it's many 220 and open-enrollment families. He wanted to take an event closer to these families, but we didn't quite get to this. What we did get to was Parent Activity Night, much like the kind the kids experience monthly on Fridays. We had a DJ, played awesome 80s tunes. Mark trotted out those excellent yellow pants, got us into a fierce game of dodgeball in the gym (that man was scary with that ball---he meant business!!!) And then he declared, "to the dance floor for Soul Train," and lead the way with his groovy moves. It was an excellent evening of fun and laughs and camaraderie. His leadership, creativity, and approachability made him a dearly missed principal for this PTO volunteer. I'm sure Karen Maierle and Jill Heindl join me in reflecting on the time we worked with him and will miss the energy and ideas he shared. We were just beginning to plan the 8th grade Celebration for our children who will leave SIS 2015 spring, and hopefully we'll plan an evening in keeping with the thoughts he had time to share with us. My heart is heavy as I think of the shortness of his life and the family that will miss his guidance and humor and love. I never attended a meeting in his office when he didn't mention Erin and the kids. His family, friends and career shaped his heart. Carolyn Curran